Happy New Year to all ! 
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In July ... 

- july 23th, 2015 : First vaccinations for all our babies who have very sweet personality, already two months !!!! 

In June ... 

- june 23th, 2015: In " Available kittens"page, we present to you our new kittens, at the age of 3 weeks, available for reservation. 

- June 13, 2015 : All babies are growing very well. 

- June 1rd, 2015 : Finally !  Finalmente ! 

We take a little time after births and the capricious weather of the North to, finally, announce you the presence of o very special girl with us. Bruno PICASSO, famous chinchilla/silver persians breeder , worldwilde example, and his co owners and friends Siumara MELITI and Loredana FIPALDINI, have exceptionally offered us a wonderful chinchilla female.We are very touched by their trust and very gratefull that they are sharing their huge work and experiences for more than 20 years ! 

Because breed is not only beautiful births. Breed is not that Sucess, gifts and cuts . Breed is full of chess, doubts, questions, permanent minds, financial sacrifices, sorrows. Breed also committed aid, availability, and skills of others. It 's made of more or less pleasant meetings with people live, in their own way, their passion and leaving traces. 
Since the beginning of Coton Valley, we were more and less lucky. Today, we would like to say to all people that we met : " Thank you !" 
There are the reasons why we are able better than  ever to appreciate and become aware of the share of prestigious lines of BRUMAR Maria Callas
In May ... 

- May 27th, 2015: While babies are growing in a good rythm, dad Roi Achille and the others adults are benefiting from the hot rays of the sun in the outdoor cattery. For us, it's a magic moment to spent hours watch babies who are sleeping on back the paunchy belly, or ear the small sound of their firts purrs ... 

- May 23th, 2015 : This morning, our Babylone gave birth to beautiful chinchilla/silver babies from her love with Roi Achille. Always brave and tender with her babies .... While each of them is defending his nipple, Mum is purring. We never get tired of this wonderful show ! 

- May 1rd, 2015: Welcome Spring ! ..................Our cotton bawls are losing her winter coat. 

In April ...

- April 26th, 2015 : Nelly and Bernadette are pleased to welcome our Janette du Val de Coton that is quickly appropriate new home. It must be said that everything has been thought for her comfort, her security, and her pleasure. We thank Nelly and Bernadette who already are attached to this tender little ball, love her so much. 

- April 13th, 2015 : CFA Show to Aumale ( FR) 
Our Victoria was nominated three times Second Best Breed this week end. We are happy of her results instead of more typey persians cats and very proud to notice a lot of judges were charmed by our princess. 
Vicky has got the tittle CFA CHAMPION now. 
We will give you next news about her like mother . 

- April 5th, 2015 : "Baby " Jadis du Val de Coton went live news adventures with Marianne ( 59), Jean Marie and dog Mao. Jadis is a very endearing kitten. He doesn't stop to give fun to everybody. Player, cute, greedy, always purring, this little chick of 1,5 kg cause a huge hole in your heart. We wish him and his family a long and happy life ! 

In March ... 

- march 30th, 2015 : Show CFA to NIEDERNHAUSEN 
Our second participation in CFA with Victoria will remain a great moment. 
With the organization, decoration, ambiance and the large number of excellent quality cats, everything was wonderful . Our princess has been faithful to her and we are honored to show her in competition with such magnificent cats. Congratulations to our friends for their big success ! Thank you all to have made these days a very pleasant and cheerful moment ! 
In february ... 

- february 24th, 2015: Available kittens
we purpose you our two babies from the winter : Jadis and Janette du Val de Coton , in our page " Available Kittens" . 

- february 17th, 2015: CFA Show to BERLARE ( BE) 
We are delighted with our first participation to a show organized by the CFA ( Cats Fanciers Association). What wonderful beautyfully groomed cats ! 8 judgments in two days ! the passion of cats shared with a lot of european breeders ! a single desire : start again ! 

For our first experience, we took our Victoria who was very quiet and relaxed. Sharon Mc Keehan Bounds chose her as 7th BEST Allbreed Kitten ! What a beautiful success for us and her breeder Sharon Gut ! 

- 2nd of february, 2015: We aren't be returned alone from holidays. 
After four years of waiting, our patience has been rewarded. We are proud tpo share our life with this wonderful chinchilla persian, fruit of many years of selection work of famous american cattery VONGUT. We have no words both our emotion is great ! Between the beauty and softness of Victoria , our happy meeting with Sharon and Hans and our trip to USA , we are feeling particularly lucky and don't know how to express all our gratitude !                 This is VONGUT'S Victorian Edition aka" Vicki " : 

In January ...

- january 28th, 2015: After a long patience time, Sibylle ( BE) picked up her girl : Joséphine du Val de Coton
The news are excellent because Joséphine is already adjusted in a new home with three adults cats. She enjoyed all the families with her energy and her hapiness. For each time, we are very happy that cats and families feel so fine. What a kind award for us ! 

- january 8th to january 25th, 2015:  " WINTER HOLIDAYS !!!! " 

- january 5th, 2015: We take advantage of the beginning of the year to thank sincerely all those involved to our cattery : by their availability, by sharing their tips and skills and by their support, messages and friendship. Thank you all ! We are a part of us ! 
The Coton Valley presents you all BEST WISHES for 2015: lots of tenderness and pleasure in your houses, complicity,tolerance, understanding around you , the success of your small and large projects and of course Excellent Health !  
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