In December ... 

- december 23th, 2014: We wish to all a Merry Christmas in share, love and happyness ! 

- december 17th, 2014 : After Impériale Iris, it's the turn of Impériale Macha du Val de Coton to visit her in her new home. As we expected, Macha is a very beautiful female very easy to live and full of tenderness. We thank very much Louis, Christelle and Grégory to take care and love her so much ! A few pics of her in our page " Past Kittens" 

- december 7th, 2014 : Mum Gemme gave birth to two silver shaded babies. All are fine . The most fine is Dad Roi Achille who is growing and sleeping in covers in this winter ! 

In November ... 
- november 16th, 2014 : Our big teddybear Julius du Val de Coton has left us with Chloé to go to Nice ( 02) with his beautiful weather . We are proud of our kitten because he's a great example of a "good and beautiful cat " :  big body, wonderful long light coat, excellent health, sweet look, tender caracter like a ' dog cat ' . We are sure that Chloé and him will be in a perfect love ... 

- november 12th, 2014 : Congress AFVAC Paris 

We 've participated to the annual meet Veterinarians/ Cats Breeders to discuss about the last experiences and results about cat's health. Always a nice time for us ! 

In October ... 

- october 26th, 2014: We are pleased  to announce you a new addition : a pretty chinchilla doll who comes from the same spanish cattery of our big bear Roi Achille : SAGOHUE Dulce Sofia
Sofia is an exceptional persian ! 
We were attracted by her sweet expression and her huge round eyes. But we didn't know her personality... we fell in love !!! Elegant, tender, charming, she takes time to move paws as a star dancer in front of the mirror. She coexists very well with all people and cats of house. A pure happiness to live with her !!!! 
Many thanks Sara for your trust ... Muchas gracias ! 

- october 16th, 2014: We invite you to see recent pictures of our available kittens: Jazz and Joséphine. 
For reasons of default of payment, Julius is still available. He's now neutered. 
others Julius pictures in Gallery " BabyBook" in our departure 

In September ...

- september 28th, 2014: A bit surprised by noises, the cats spent a lot of time to look at the surrounding area and sleep in the new wood cattery. 

Cécile, Eric (92) and Jepetto du Val de Coton met in our parisien apartment. They have fun to impress. We wish them a lot of happiness together. 

- september 15th, 2014: Works outside are completed with good weather. 
We are very pleased to have built a pretty safe cattery for our persians. They will be able to enjoy the sun during the best months of the year. 

- september 7th, 2014: Three kittens left our house. Each time, the same void BUT these same promises of a life full of complicity and affection for our kittens ....
We are fortunate to have met families serious, responsible and able to bring to our cotton balls everything they need. 
Jézabel du Val de Coton and Jules du Val de Coton joined Nathalie and Pascale in the same village (78). They shared the same desire to live with a calm, sweet, elegant cat such as the chinchilla persian. 
Then, Jimini du Val de Coton is left in the arms of Marie- Noëlle, in love in the smallest baby of our kittens. We were very moved by their rapid complicity ! Jimini will stay with another persian and a small dog. Promise of good moment of fun ... 

In August ...

- August 12th,2014: " Where is the sun ?!" 
This summer, in the North, is gloomy. The weather is rainy, for three weeks, can not make pictures of our kittens as their growth or make progress in our work on outside. 

- August 5th, 2014: "Second vaccination for us today ! We are in great health and also charming babies according the veterinary " 

In July ...

- July 22th, 2014 : A few days of holidays with the sun ! 
Many thanks to Marie -Bernard to take care so well of our kitties, like a nurse ...

- July 20th, 2014: With their first vaccination, our babies have left the nursery and are making the experience of house life with adults .... that's funny !

In June ...

June 20th, 2014: there are pictures of our babies ready to reservation at the age of One month ! 

In May ... 

- May 15th, 2014:
Another good new this week
Our cattery is now registered to the prestigious CFA with the name
" COTON VALLEY" - n° 259877.

- May 13th, 2014: Our second female also gave birth this morning to beautiful healthy kittens. We are proud of our mothers so adorable and sweet. We will make pictures of them when they will open eyes.

- May 7th, 2014 : Happiness !!!!!!

Babies are born !
The mother is full of tenderness and love for her childrens.
In April...

- April 10th, 2014: For us, breeders, our greatest happiness is to place our Persian cats in families that suit them, and conversely, that our cats meet their expectations.
We are always very happy to hear news from our babies, mails, photos, phones...
to the families who give us regularly.
We are also often asked to see our babies in their new home. We had the pleasure of seeing Imperial Iris of the Val de Coton with Brigitte. We share with you some photos to page Past kittens

In March ...

- March 30th, 2014: Shooting " Cocooning" with Hamourabi du Val de Coton, our chinchilla neutered persian who educated our kittens with a lot of kindness
see the page Gallery 

- March 9th, 2014: Training in Montpellier " Show grooming of persians cats"
Many thanks to the teachers and partners who made this week end friendly and rewarding !

- March 6th, 2014: The light is coming back and with her, the love between our cats.
 Maybe you will present our first babies 2014 at the middle of May ...

In February ...

What a long winter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In January  ...

Happy New Year  !

We wish you a marvellous year 2014. We are hoping to share with you one more time beautiful pictures of our cotton bowls.

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