In december ...

december 24th 2013 : All the cats of the Val de Coton join me to wish you a wonderful Christmas !

Not more actuality...... our cats are growing and cocooning with the winter !

In November ...

november 18th 2013: Ici ou là du Val de Coton share now the life of Clément . We wish them a lot of complicity and tenderness ....

november 3rd 2013: A moving week ...

 This week, the patient families have followed to pick their chinchilla persian kitten.

The first, Impériale Sissi du Val de Coton has left us to STEFHEART Cattery to London (UK). The travel well passed with the crossing of the channel. Our princess delights Stefano who 's covering the hugs. Then it was Isaïs du Val de Coton who left our home in the Joël's  arms. Joël had wait a long time his chinchilla baby since the breeding until his sterilization... His patience is rewarded because Isaïs is already attached to him. Then, Brigitte, passionate of chinchilla persians, bought Impériale Iris du Val de Coton. Our lovely girl has got a sweet caracter and eyes will become fantastic emerald color ! At the end, it was Louis who was seduced by the look, tenderness, and joy of Impériale Macha du Val de Coton . Difficult to resist !

We are proud of all our chinchilla kittens who adapt quickly to their new life. We wish to all the families a lot of shared pleasure; for us it will be the best of the reward !  

In October ...

october 28th, 2013: Shooting " Colors of Autum"

october 14th, 2013: Kittens are quietly preparing their departure in their future family. They are groomed each day and this week, they will take their third bath .Last time : the sterilization. Many thanks to the families to be patient !

october 4th, 2013: Autumn is arriving with its long sleeps ... We emerged covers and cushions.

It's the North ! 

In september ...

september 11th, 2013: Go to the veterinary clinic ...

Reminders of vaccination, the small cotton balls grew. A single cage of transport is no longer enough !  

september 7th, 2013: Shooting " Go to school "

A little late, we took a few pictures of our kittens , not motivated by the school theme. ( see on the page Gallery " Baby book"). They left the nursery to live the rest of their socialization in the main room of our house.           

In August ...

- august 30th, 2013 : " Lavender and summer wheat"

You can find our new shooting of kittens 2013 in the page " Available kittens" .  

- august 7th, 2013: new parts on our website Seasons in " Gallery" and Past kittens in " Available kittens" . Congratulations to Angélique Veyrand for her high quality of her consciencious work  in our website !

- august 3rd, 2013: You could take a look on our Kittens part :  new book for each baby 2013 !

-august 1rd, 2013 : Sagohue's Roi Achille has got his own page in " Males". He will participate to complete our breeding programm. Our purpose is to obtain a look with a middle type within lost the wonderful qualities of chinchilla persians : the white color of coat, the amazing emerald eyes and the make up.

She's arrived, our lovely doll ! Our males has welcome her with their costums . She 's named Idolle des Persans de Fannie.

She comes from the Persans de Fannie cattery. We thank you very much her breeder Fannie for the share of her work .

In July...

- july 31th, 2013 : Our webdesigner Angélique of Webdesign Poudre d'Ange make a few new products for us. So, we 're changing all parts of our website and we will offer you a lot of pictures and news ...

- july 9th, 2013 : our kittens of the Val de Coton are growing very well, the milk of Mum is so good ! The eyes are opened and they are discovering the world around ... their look are drawing ... it's possible now to make difference between all. We will present you individuals pictures soon !

In this time, our males are singing at home ... they are waiting a new very special girl who will come to complete our breeding program.

In June...

- june 22th, 2013 : Babies are born !

To the 20th of june in afternoon and to the 22th of june early morning, Babylone and Gemme gave birth to nice chinchilla/silver shaded babies. Mums and babies are in a good health. We 're having a look on them all time...

june 10th, 2013: Confirmed pregnancy

Babylone and Gemme are pregnant, it's confirmed by X-ray. They are in nursery now and are waiting the Life ...  

- june 2th, 2013 : Shooting " Poppies"

You can find every chinchilla cat in our Gallery, part " Original photos" .

In April...

- april 14th, 2013:  Show to Marcq en Baroeul ( FR)

Sagohue Roi Achille : CAC 1 - his chinchilla color has been changed in " silver shaded"

Gentleman Charmeur des Persans de Fannie: CAC 3 - Champion tittle.

- april 5th, 2013: Its' always difficult for us to sell a baby....

Our sweet and lovely princess, Hiphigénie du Val de Coton, has left your cattery to live with Ana . For Ana, she's the persian of her dreams, tender and adorable . So, we hope them all the happiness of the world !!!!

Then, it was the moment for Hélios du Val de Coton to go to the house of Sophie, near our cattery. We will see them soon...

In March ...

- march 24th, 2013: Show to RONCHIN ( FR)

Hamourabi du Val de Coton : exc 2, class 6-10 months

Hélios du Val de Coton: exc 1, BEST IN SHOW class 3-6 months

 In february ...

-february 24th, 2013: Show in Cambrai

Gentleman Charmeur obtained his second CAC , and Babylone her third CACIB.

We are always happy to meet our friends breeders with the usual fun atmosphere of the CC3000 . Many thanks to all people who encouraged to us with their compliments.

- february 17th, 2013 : Winter shooting

Our cats are ready for the Snowing Holidays; Little shooting in gallery "Original photos". It's always a pleasure to shoot them and present you with their beautiful winter coat.  

In January  ...

january 18th, 2013 : Pictures of our others persian cats, in Gallery " Party"

january 8th, 2013: Shooting of New Year  

In the nursery, it's also the Party ! New pictures on the page Available Kittens ... Our pretty Hélios du Val de Coton, at the age of 7 weeks, always playfull.


 Happy New Year for all !!!

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